X Factor live show week 8

28 Nov

The two tracks from each act last night meant that the songs were cut down beyond recognition, however there were still a few little gems.

  • The judges

Dannii continues to look like a Greek goddess, Louis got his air guitar out, Cheryl is back to brown and Simon is big and powerful.

  • Wagner


For the first time Wagner was without a medley and you know, it wasn’t too bad. Not good obviously, but if I was at a karaoke bar and he was up there singing it I would be clapping along. Not sure Thom Yorke would be proud as Louis suggested, and like me, I’m sure thousands of people across the country were shouting “it is ‘weirdo’ Louis not ‘winner'”.

Addicted to Love

As predicted heavily lipsticked girls with guitars were strumming along behind Wagner while he bounced around like a Reservoir Dog with earrings. I actually think Louis did a pretty good job on song choices for Wagner tonight, he was just about able to keep up and he was certainly enjoying himself on stage, (“I love the dancers, they are very beautiful”) but surely it must be time for him to go?

  • One Direction

Summer of 69

Nothing too earth shattering here. A very safe performance with the boys stood on a raised platform and a crowd invasion going on behind them again. The only big change is that Harry was shunted from his position in the middle for a brief period, but he was back there by the end and it was even revealed he chose the song. Brains and beauty eh Harry?

You Are So Beautiful

Here Louis and I are in total agreement. Whatever Simon may say this was definitely not a rock song. Having said that it was a good choice for the boys and it proved every one of them could sing, well for some of them it proved they could ‘ooo’ in the background.

  • Mary Byrne

All I Want is You

Great Mary performance full of big, bellowy notes, fireworks and a good shot of all her fillings. The lovely Tesco lady can do songs like this in her sleep so it was nice to see her change it up in her second song.

Brass In Pocket

Mary got down with her bad self, found her mojo, and gyrated away on stage. It was great to see Mary having so much fun on stage and I forgot what a fantastic song this is. I thought Mary performed well, but I did agree with Dannii that it sounded a little bit karaoke and perhaps Mary will find herself in trouble this week.

  • Cher Lloyd


Firstly, this is not a rock song. Secondly, I hate this song, and unfortunately Cher did nothing to change my opinion of it. Cher was full of energy this evening which was nice to see, but on this number I thought her voice was often taken over by the backing track and she became a bit lost in the production of the whole thing. The other judges loved it though, so maybe Cher is on the up.

Walk This Way

I thought this performance was better and had more of the street-style that Cher has become famous for. However if you are going to attempt to cover a Steven Tyler song you better make sure your voice is top notch, and unfortunately I don’t think Cher’s voice had the power to carry this off. Cheryl inexplicably compared Cher to a cup of tea, but the true shock of the evening was that Cher has taken on the famous Cheryl salute.

  • Rebecca Ferguson

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Beautiful vocals from Rebecca, but she did look quite stiff and rooted to the spot. Rebecca needs to do something else if she wants to win. The arrangement of this song made it sound quite “muzak” and it wouldn’t be out of place in a lift or a hotel lounge. Definitely better than some of the other acts, but I have come to expect more from Rebecca.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Determined to break out of her miserable little box, Rebecca came back with this up-tempo number. It was great fun and lovely to see her looking more animated. However I think that she could’ve pushed it a little bit more and brought more sex to the song.

  • Matt Cardle

I Love Rock ‘N ‘Roll

I thought Matt looked a bit awkward here and could do with a few tips from Wagner about how to look comfortable around the female dancers. He did something outside of his comfort zone and although it wasn’t perfect, hopefully by the final (and yes, I do think he will be in the final) he will be able to pull something special out the bag.

Nights in White Satin

This performance was just Matt and a guitar, and it was superb. It is an incredibly beautiful song that he managed to do justice to, which is especially impressive considering that the original is over seven minutes long. This performance had Dannii and Cheryl on their feet and the audience going crazy.

  • Katie Waissel

Sex On Fire

The other judges quite liked this performance and felt that Katie committed to the song and felt every word. I however felt that Katie had returned to her ‘Don’t Speak’ days of bad acting and that her voice compared to Caleb Followill’s seemed incredibly weak and underwhelming

Everybody Hurts

Cheryl was blamed here for choosing a song that needed more time to breathe and had to be severely cut down and therefore lost it’s emotion. But Matt had already proved that long songs can be made shorter and still carry the right emotion, so I’m afraid that the fault here must lie with Katie. It again seemed like bad acting and I think Katie will struggle to stay out of the bottom two.

  • Performance of the Week

Without a shadow of doubt this one goes to Matt’s performance of ‘Nights in White Satin’. It  was beautiful and uncomplicated and he is well on track for the final.

  • Dermot joke of the week

Louis certainly knows his music stuff, well apart from Radiohead lyrics.

  • Elimination predictions

I know I say it every week but surely it must be Wagner’s time to go? I predict Wagner and Katie will be in the bottom two and Wagner will go home. If Wagner somehow manages to evade the sing off this week then I think lovely Mary may be in trouble.


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