Song choice rumours for the X Factor week 6

12 Nov

Friday is here again and with it comes some of the rumoured song choices for tomorrow night.

It was confirmed on Matt Edmonson’s the F Factor that this weeks theme would be Elton John songs. This seems an odd choice given the recent comment from Elton that this year’s X Factor was “a***-paralysingly boring”. This may be Simon Cowell’s attempt to prove him wrong, or simply a way to give him the middle finger (though I’m sure Elton won’t be complaining too much when the royalties from iTunes come in):

Mary Byrne – Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Wagner – I’m Still Standing

Katie Waissel – The Bitch is Back

Mary has gone for another classic ballad, hopefully this will be an improvement on last week and she will get back on form, but are we getting a bit bored of Mary bellowing out the ballads?

For Wagner and Katie the songs seem to have been chosen for their titles rather than whether the contestants will actually be able to sing them well.

‘I’m Still Standing’ is very quick in places and I am not sure Wagner will be able to keep up, also please place bets now on if he will be wearing “Elton” style glasses, and if so what shape they will be.

After her performance of ‘Don’t Give up On Me’ in last weeks sing off Katie now seems to be literally spelling out her time on the X Factor. We will see if she carries on this tactic when (sorry if) she is in the bottom two on Sunday.


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